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The goal of this Java program is to produce simple black and white Identikit composing
an whole face by changing his basic elements in shape,position and dimension.

Global screen of the program

Identikit face screen

The basic modifiable features are ,of course,the noze (N),the eyes (E),the eyebrows (B),
the mouth (M), the global shape of the visage (S) and the hair (H).

There is also an additional parameter csi the regulate the ratio between upper and
lower part of the face.

You can modify dimensions and positions of each elements with this set of keys :

  • key left:decrease width
  • key right:increase width
  • key up:increase height
  • key down:decrease height
  • key page up:move up
  • key page down:move down

The program is expandable: the library of elements can be increased at will and also the
elements already present can be freely changed by the user in a total personalization
of the program

Do you wanna contribute sending your own identikit?
Log-in and open a new tracker in the Patches tracker of the project,
load your file as a saved Identikit format.

If approved i will put it as an example in the lib of the program and maybe
your creation will be shown here!

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